Dealing with negative emotions

Learn how to dealing with negative emotions to achieve calm and psychological balance

You notice that your relationships are tense, and your feelings are turbulent and contradictory, and you fear their continuation because they have no meaning. You are confused about whether it is acceptable to express them without shame, and you wonder whether others feel the way you feel? This treatment program is a customized cognitive-behavioral program that is determined after undergoing the first evaluation session, and the treatment is carried out through sessions. Weekly Psychological Treatment: This type of treatment is considered the most successful in terms of its effectiveness in raising awareness and awareness of the nature of these feelings, understanding the complexity of them, examining their nature and how they can be accepted, and acquiring skills to optimally deal with negative feelings and their associated behaviors. All of this proceeds in organized and gradual steps with the aim of achieving self-insight. In order to achieve high mental health and psychological stability.

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Dealing with negative emotions

Dealing with negative emotions

About Program

What is negative emotions?


Negative emotions are unpleasant or unhappy feelings that occur in individuals as a result of their negative reaction to an event or someone. Negative emotions can lead to mental health disorders.


Is this program suitable for me?


Some of the most common negative emotions include:


      Fear: It is a feeling of danger or threat.

      Anger: It is a feeling of aggression or resentment.

      Sadness: It is a feeling of sadness or loss.

      Disappointment: It is a feeling of disappointment or inability to achieve something.

      Anxiety: It is a feeling of fear or worry about something.


If you are facing these challenges, this program may be an occasion to help you overcome anxiety and manage emotions effectively.

Program Sessions and Stages

This program consists of five stages, where the program is divided into sequential steps that help you reach specific goals. Each stage focuses on achieving a specific goal, and then moves on to the next stage to help with continuous growth and development. Let's take a look at the five stages:

Step 1: Assessment of Symptoms

A process of evaluating the symptoms and factors that contribute to negative emotions. Diagnosis can help identify the root cause of negative emotions and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Step 2: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps individuals identify negative thought patterns, challenge them, and replace them with positive and logical thought patterns.

Step 3: Stress Management and Coping Strategies

Teaching stress management techniques and coping strategies to help individuals cope with situations that cause anxiety. These techniques can include relaxation practices, mindfulness practices, and time management skills

Step 4: Emotion Management

Gradual exposure to situations that trigger anxiety or frustration can be an effective approach to managing different emotions.

Step 5: Relapse Prevention

Providing strategies for relapse prevention and maintaining progress. It is important to help individuals identify signs of relapse and provide them with tools to maintain the gains they have made in overcoming negative emotions.
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Learn how to dealing with negative emotions to achieve calm and psychological balance

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