Overcoming Social Phobias

Learn how to overcome social Phobias and live confidently

حالة من الخوف الشديد والمتواصل من مواقف أو نشاطات معينة عند حدوثها أو حتى مجرد التفكير فيها يحول الحياة إلى كتلة من مشاعر الضيق والتعب والأسى, ندرك مشاعرك ولذلك صممنا لك برنامج علاجي سلوكي معرفي مخصص يُحدد بعد الخضوع لجلسة التقييم الأولى ويتم العلاج فيه عبر جلسات نفسية أسبوعية يتم تجديدها تباعًا حتى الوصول للنتيجة المطلوبة, يهدف البرنامج لمساعدتك على تخطي أزمتك مع القلق والسيطرة على مخاوفك وأفكارك التسلطية عن طريق تعديل نمط التفكير ورفع الثقة بالنفس للتغلب على كل تلك المخاوف والأفكار من أجل الانطلاق لمستقبل أكثر راحة وسعادة.

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Overcoming Social Phobias

Overcoming Social Phobias

About Program

What is Social Phobias?


Social anxiety is a type of anxiety disorder characterized by severe fear and excessive tension in social situations. Individuals with social anxiety experience intense anxiety and stress when they find themselves in social situations that involve interacting with others, such as social gatherings or public presentations.

Social anxiety can have a significant impact on individuals' lives, affecting their ability to engage in social communication and participate in social activities normally. Those affected by this disorder often experience feelings of tension and excessive worry, which can lead to isolation from others and avoidance of social situations in general.

Treatment and psychological support can help individuals cope with social anxiety, improve their ability to interact socially with confidence, and enhance their overall quality of life.


Is this package suitable for me?


- Frequent anxiety and discomfort in social situations
- Avoidance of social interactions due to anxiety
- Fear of judgment or negative evaluation by others
- Difficulty in maintaining and forming relationships
- negative impact on your personal and professional life
- Decreased self-confidence in social settings
- Limited participation in social activities

If you are facing these challenges, the Overcoming Social Phobias program can be suitable to assist you in Overcoming social phobias.

Program Sessions and Stages

These five steps form a structured approach to help individuals overcome social anxiety and improve their overall well-being. Individualized programs may include additional components tailored to the specific needs and progress of each participant.

Step One: Assessment and Diagnosis

The first step is to assess and diagnose the severity and specific triggers of social anxiety in individuals. This involves evaluating their social behaviors, thought patterns, and emotional responses in various social situations.

Step Two: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Implement CBT techniques to address the underlying thought patterns and beliefs that contribute to social anxiety. This step helps individuals identify and challenge negative thought patterns and replace them with more positive and rational thinking.

Step Three: Exposure Therapy

Gradual exposure to anxiety-inducing social situations is a critical step. This can include systematic desensitization where individuals face their fears in a controlled and supportive environment, helping them become more comfortable over time

Step Four: Social Skills Training

Teach individuals essential social skills, including effective communication, assertiveness, and conflict resolution. Improving these skills can boost self-confidence and reduce social anxiety

Step Five: Relapse Prevention

Provide strategies for relapse prevention and the maintenance of progress. It's important to help individuals recognize signs of regression and equip them with tools to sustain the gains they've made in overcoming social anxiety

Program Objectives and Benefits - (What Well I Achieve)

The goals of an "Overcoming Social Phobias" wellness program are to help individuals who suffer from social phobias or social anxiety disorders overcome their fears and improve their overall mental health and well-being. Here are the key goals:

- Reduction of Social Anxiety: The primary goal is to reduce the symptoms of social phobia, including intense fear, anxiety, and avoidance of social situations.
- Increased Comfort in Social Settings: The program aims to help individuals become more comfortable in various social situations, including social interactions, public speaking, and group settings.
- Enhanced Self-Confidence: Building self-confidence is crucial. The program helps participants develop a more positive self-image and self-esteem, enabling them to engage in social activities more confidently.
- Effective Coping Strategies: Equipping individuals with practical coping strategies and tools to manage social anxiety and panic attacks when they occur.
- Improved Social and Professional Functioning: The program focuses on improving participants' social and professional functioning. This includes the ability to build and maintain relationships, perform well in social or work-related situations, and achieve personal and professional goals.
- Reduction of Avoidance Behaviors: One of the main goals is to help individuals reduce the avoidance of social situations and confront their fears gradually.
- Better Quality of Life: Overall, the program seeks to improve the quality of life for participants by reducing the negative impact of social phobias on their daily life and well-being.


These benefits can have a profound impact on individuals' overall well-being and happiness.

- Improved Mental Health: Participants experience reduced anxiety and depression symptoms, leading to improved mental health.
- Enhanced Social Life: Participants can build more meaningful social relationships and experience increased social engagement.
- Career Advancement: Improved social functioning can lead to greater success in the workplace, as individuals can network, communicate, and perform better professionally.
- Increased Self-Esteem: Gaining confidence and overcoming social phobias can result in higher self-esteem and self-worth.
- Better Quality of Life: Participants can enjoy a more fulfilling life by participating in social activities and experiencing personal growth.
- Empowerment: The program empowers individuals to take control of their lives, face their fears, and make positive changes.
- Relapse Prevention: Participants learn strategies to prevent relapses and continue to manage their social anxiety effectively.


التغلب على الرهاب الاجتماعي

Learn how to overcome social Phobias and live confidently

1100 SAR1300 SAR

Program Providers


Cura Medicine User
Cura Medicine User37 years

دخلت مع الدكتور في برنامج الرهاب الاجتماعي واستفدت كثير من البرنامج وتحسن بعد الله بدرجه كبيره انصح بقوه في البرنامج وتنفيذ مايطلبه منك الدكتور وتلاقي نفسك تخلصت فعلاً من المشكله

Cura Medicine User
Cura Medicine User37 years

دخلت مع الدكتور في برنامج الرهاب الاجتماعي واستفدت كثير من البرنامج وتحسن بعد الله بدرجه كبيره انصح بقوه في البرنامج وتنفيذ مايطلبه منك الدكتور وتلاقي نفسك تخلصت فعلاً من المشكله

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