Recovery from depression

Learn the art of overcoming depression and achieving inner peace

A cognitive behavioral therapy program tailored to each case, in which you participate with your therapist in building an organized treatment plan over seven sessions to help you get rid of those negative thoughts and feelings of sorrow, sadness, and frustration. You will be able to raise your self-insight, understand your feelings, restore your view of yourself, life, and the future, and raise your self-confidence to overcome your crisis. Psychologically, overcoming those internal conflicts and feelings of guilt and erasing that dark outlook. Your therapist will be by your side step by step to help you overcome bouts of depression and deal with various life pressures.

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Recovery from depression

Recovery from depression

About Program

What is Depression?


Depression is a mental disorder characterized by a prolonged low mood, a loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyable, low energy, difficulty concentrating, feelings of despair and isolation.

Depression can lead to sleep problems, changes in appetite, a sense of low self-worth, and sometimes suicidal thoughts.

Depression can be associated with various psychological and environmental factors and requires appropriate treatment and support."

Is this package suitable for me?


- Continuous feelings of sadness or emptiness
- Loss of interest or pleasure in activities you used to enjoy
- Changes in appetite or weight
- Difficulty sleeping or excessive sleeping
- Fatigue and low energy
- Low self-esteem or excessive guilt
- Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
- Thoughts of death or suicide

Program Sessions and Stages

These five steps form a structured approach to help individuals recover from depression and improve their overall mental health and well-being. Personalized programs may include additional components designed specifically to meet the unique needs and progress of each participant

Step One: Assessment and Diagnosis

The first step is to assess and diagnose the severity and specific factors contributing to an individual's depression. This often includes evaluating their emotional state, thought patterns, and behaviors

Step Two: Psychotherapy (Talk Therapy)

Implement psychotherapy techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or interpersonal therapy (IPT), to address the underlying thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to depression. Psychotherapy helps individuals identify and challenge negative thought patterns and develop coping strategies

Step Three: Medication Management (If necessary)

In moderate cases, we don't prescribe medications. But, cases of severe or clinical depression, medication may be prescribed by a healthcare professional. This step involves ongoing medication management to ensure its effectiveness and monitor for any side effects.

Step Four: Lifestyle Changes and Self-Care

Educate individuals about the importance of self-care, including maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep. Encourage them to make positive lifestyle changes that can contribute to their overall well-being.

Step Five: Relapse Prevention

Provide strategies for relapse prevention and the maintenance of progress. Individuals should learn to recognize signs of depression recurrence and be equipped with tools to sustain the improvements they've made.

Program Objectives and Benefits - (What Well I Achieve)

The goals of the Recovery from Depression program are to help individuals with mood disorders and improve their mental and overall health. Below are the main objectives

  • Reducing feelings of depression: The primary goal is to reduce symptoms of sadness, including loss of passion and dark thinking.
  • Increase comfort in social settings: The program aims to help individuals become more comfortable in various social settings, including social interactions and group settings.

  • Increase self-confidence: Building self-confidence is crucial. The program helps participants develop a greater positive image of themselves through increased control and control, enabling them to participate more confidently in social activities.

  • Providing effective strategies for managing feelings and thoughts: Providing individuals with practical strategies and tools to deal with recurring frustrations -

  • Improving social and vocational function: The program focuses on improving individuals' function in social and vocational aspects. This includes the ability to maintain relationships, perform well in social or work situations, and achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Improving the quality of life: In general, the program seeks to improve the quality of life of participants by reducing the negative impact of psychological disorders on their daily lives and on their health and happiness.

Program benefits include:

  • Improving mental health: Participants feel an improvement in depression, which leads to improved mental health.

  • Improving social life: Stabilizing mood makes the individual more effective and increases his participation in social activities.

  • Increased self-confidence: Gaining confidence when overcoming feelings of depression and improving concentration can lead to an individual’s increased self-esteem and greater morale.

  • Improving the quality of life: Psychological balance and a sense of inner peace increase the productivity of individuals, whether in terms of social activities or achieving personal growth.
التعافي من الاكتئاب

Learn the art of overcoming depression and achieving inner peace

1200 SAR1400 SAR

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