Child Character Building

How to build your child's personality and direct their abilities

We do not all doubt that the responsibility of building a child’s personality is one of the important responsibility that is surrounded by many difficulties, problems, fatigue, hardship, effort, and sacrifice. This is because many parents neglect the most important aspect, which is the aspect of correct awareness of how to properly raise a child and knowing the stages of his development and the characteristics of each stage. From this standpoint, The child's personality complements the child's behavior modification program as a very important second stage. Or it can be an independent program to develop the child’s skills and personality, as in this program we will be concerned with building the child’s personality in all its aspects (emotional, mental, health, and financial) in a manner that is beloved to the children, in which the parents play a major role in dealing with the weekly exercises and guidance in these aspects. This program is designated Five counseling sessions for the age group between 3-15 years.

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Child Character Building

Child Character Building

About Program

What is Child Character Building?


Building a child's character means helping him develop a set of positive qualities and values that help him live a successful and happy life.


Is this program suitable for me?


A child's personality includes a range of positive and negative traits, such as:


      Ethics: such as honesty, honesty, justice, compassion, and responsibility.

      Social skills: such as effective communication, problem solving, collaboration, and leadership.

      Academic skills: such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

      Interpersonal skills: such as self-confidence, independence, and perseverance.

      Negative traits: lying, cheating, selfishness, rebellion, violence, fear, frustration, depression, negative.


If you think you are facing such challenges, this program can help you build your child's personality.

Program Sessions and Stages

This program consists of four stages, where the program is divided into sequential steps that help you reach specific goals. Each stage focuses on achieving a specific goal, and then moves on to the next stage to help with continuous growth and development. Let's take a look at the four stages:

First Step: Assessment

The process of assessing a child's personality and the factors that contribute to the occurrence or non-occurrence of the behavior can help diagnose the root cause of the behavior and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Second Step: Parental Guidance

Teaching parents how to listen attentively to their children's feelings and fears and the importance of offering them love and support helps to modify their behaviors.

Third Stage: Training Children and Parents

Training parents on methods of reinforcement and positive punishment and encouraging the child to interact with others and peers is very important to build their personalities.

Fourth Stage: Prevention of Return

Provide strategies to prevent relapse and maintain progress. It is important to help individuals recognize signs of decline and provide them with tools to maintain the gains they have made
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How to build your child's personality and direct their abilities

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