Quick Weight Control

Make tangible changes to your weight in a short period of time

Making actual, tangible changes to body measurements in a short period and adopting healthy eating habits for realistic, noticeable results through successive weekly sessions that provide a rapidly changing environment in which the participant learns new eating habits and follows diet programs from which he gains skills in healthy regulation of daily food intake in proportion to his body’s needs for calories and nutrients. Necessary, with excellent management of the weight change process.

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Quick Weight Control

Quick Weight Control

About Program

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Here are some people who could benefit specifically from the program:


      People who are overweight or obese with a stable weight.

      People with type 2 diabetes.

      People who suffer from heart disease or want a balanced and healthy diet.

      People who are underweight or thin.


If you think you are facing such challenges, this program can help you improve weight and improve your overall health.

Program Sessions and Stages

This program consists of four stages, where the program is divided into sequential steps that help you reach specific goals. Each stage focuses on achieving a specific goal, and then moves on to the next stage to help with continuous growth and development. Let's take a look at the four stages:

First Step: Assessment

In this stage, data, measurements, and the behavior of individuals towards food, the goals they want to achieve, and the challenges that stand in their way of achieving them are collected.

Second Step: Building the Nutritional Plan

The therapeutic nutritionist builds the appropriate nutritional plan in agreement with the client and explains everything related to the diet.

Third Step: Discussing Challenges

The nutritionist follows up on the results of the nutritional plan and the success they have achieved. He will also be interested in discussing any challenges or obstacles they faced and putting appropriate alternatives for them.

Forth Step: Relapse Prevention

Providing strategies to prevent relapse and maintain progress. It is important to help individuals identify signs of regression and provide them with tools to maintain the gains they have made.
برنامج التحكم السريع في الوزن

Make tangible changes to your weight in a short period of time

849 SAR

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