Dr. Nasser Alqahtani

Dr. Nasser Alqahtani


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Consultation with a Consultant 230 SAR


Saudi Arabia Riyadh

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  • Consultation with a Consultant 230 SAR

A little about me

  • حاصل على شهادة الدكتوراه. التغذية الاكلينيكية ( العلاجية)

Medical License No.

  • 04ra4226

I specialize in

  • السمنة وزيادة الوزن
  • Clinical Nutrition, obesity
  • الحمية والتغذية العلاجية الإكلينيكية حمية لمرضى السكري
  • التغذية الاكلينيكية
  • حمية كيتو

I was educated and trained at

  • Doctor of Philosophy "Overweight and Obesity" PhD '2014

I have been in practice for

  • 14

I speak

  • English العربية

I'm affiliated with

  • Dietitians Association of Australia New Zealand Dietetic Association American Dietetic Associatio Australian Health Promotion Association

I have published

  • Iron deficiency among Saudi adolescents Low dose naltrexone and autoimmunity Overweight and obesity in rural areas Childhood obesity in Saudi Arabia Physical activity, sedentary behavior and obesity

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